Elysium Fields: Superman & The Golden Fleece


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    This limited edition Disk, designed by Catalin Ardelean, comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity. Printed on a .045” thick aluminum sheet, this print is crisp, high gloss, lightweight, and water resistant. It comes with a proprietary 1/2" aluminum shadow mount allowing for easy installation.

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    About this Artwork

    This piece features another mythological hero named Jason. He was the leader of the Argonauts, a group of warriors and heroes that fought in many wars, battled many mythical creatures and took many quests other quests that eventually became legends. One such legend in which Jason is known for, is the quest for finding the Golden Fleece. I chose to represent the final chapter of the legend, the part where the hero passed all the obstacles and puts on the Golden Fleece. In this series, Jason is replaced with the comic book hero Superman. The reason behind it is that both characters went through a transition, a hero's quest, where they discovered their potential and how they can use it to bring good to the world. The scene displays the end of the quest, the stage where the hero has reached the peak of its strength and maturity. And the Greek pot "Kylix" on which the scene is displayed, also ads to the story, because it is a vessel used for libations. Thus also transmitting the idea of the celebration and reward that the hero received at the end of his quest. This artwork is part of a collection of prints that focus on the hero archetype, that has lasted many centuries, suffering minor "adjustments" along time. The starting point of this collection of prints is Greek mythology which is in close relation with Comic book strips from nowadays. I chose to emphasize this connection by replacing the ancient heroes with comic book heroes. The scenes in which the heroes appear are like the illustration on the Greek ceramic pots. The Greek heroes: Hercules, Achilles, Odysseus, Jason and Atalanta. The comic book heroes are: Hellboy, Wolverine, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. The title refers to the heaven for heroes from Greek mythology.

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    Catalin Ardelean

    Copenhagen, Denmark

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    • " Excellent quality, unique item, looks beautiful, very easy to hang. Looking for a place to put another, it gets tons of compliments! "Kelly W.
    • " I appreciate this disk print (It was offered to a relative).The work is very original and the print aspect looks wonderful. "Marie-Annick P.
    • " I love it. It's a great product & great quality. Everything is perfect. Thank you Curioos! "Enxhi C.
    • " Brillant and lively colors, cut with precision and shipped in great conditions. Very nice product overall! "A.T