Autumn Breeze

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      This numbered edition Giclée Art Print, designed by Wil Zender, comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity. Printed on 100% cotton, acid-free, heavyweight paper using HDR UltraChrome Archival Ink, this artwork reflects our commitment to the highest color, paper, and printing standards.

      This numbered edition Fine Art Block designed by Wil Zender is numbered, signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Artwork is printed on fine art paper using archival inks and mounted to a 2" deep hand stained dark brown frame. Comes ready to hang.

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      About this Artwork

      Watercolours on paper. 29,7 × 42 cm (11,6" × 16,5"). “Autumn Breeze” (2014) is the fourth watercolour of “Gia, daughter of Earth” series, which portrays the adventures and experiences of a kind spirit of nature, protector and friend of plants and animals. Finally we move into autumn, the season when the temperatures go down and the winds blow harder. The Far Forest, with its cheerful animals, cannot escape the influence of the new season, which crosses its boundaries with swift morning breezes. Gia, along with the Bear brothers, lies at the heart of the forest, accompanied by Fox and other animals, which are always serene with the protection of the ancestral guardian. It has been a long year for all of them, but it was also fun, especially for the cubs, who have enjoyed many adventures and learned valuable lessons with their beautiful sister of two wings. Now, the trees lose the leaves that clothe them before, which fly through the air before hitting the ground, where they will heap as breathless orange hills. Everyone knows that the breezes make the approach of winter, and it’s time that animals begin to prepare for the coming New Year. And of course, Gia will be there to take care of them as always. With this watercolour — along with “Winter Night”, “Spring Forest” and “Summer Flight” — the cycle of the four seasons is closed, in which Gia, with her brothers of nature, spent a great time that they will never forget in the woods. All works are protected under copyright © law.

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      • " The colors are brilliant and true to the product listing image. The paper is good quality heavyweight. It's really pretty. "Silver Designer
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      • " Beautiful print! Unbelievable quality for the price, and my son loves it. "Kurt