Domnu Forest Demi God

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      This numbered edition Giclée Art Print, designed by Chauncy Felisz, comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity. Printed on 100% cotton, acid-free, heavyweight paper using HDR UltraChrome Archival Ink, this artwork reflects our commitment to the highest color, paper, and printing standards.

      This numbered edition Fine Art Block designed by Chauncy Felisz is numbered, signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Artwork is printed on fine art paper using archival inks and mounted to a 2" deep hand stained dark brown frame. Comes ready to hang.

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      About this Artwork

      There are giant forests on Eclipse which are guarded by a resident Kirisha (forest god). Each Kirisha has their own territory, and within them they have hundreds of thousands of offspring. The Kirisha’s young start out as Dwindu- which are playful, inquisitive, innocent and cannot produce offspring of their own. Of these Dwindu, only about 17% will ever mature into the mighty demi gods known as Domnu, who are both warriors and protectors to their realm. The Domnus are also capable of changing their size at will, becoming as tiny as a mouse or as big as the trees. Unlike Dwindus, Domnus can produce young, however, Domnu offspring are always either satyrs or nymphs, they cannot produce other Domnu or Dwindu. When a Kirisha nears the end of its life, it will choose one Domnu among its many children to ascend and become the new Kirisha of that domain, and from there, the ascended Domnu can breathe new life into the forest.

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      Chauncy Felisz

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      • " Very good quality, well finished, nice color, very bright... A real pleasure to see it every day in my apartment! "Camille
      • " I loved the quality of the fine textured paper and the print quality that made the print look truly amazing. Gallery quality. "Anne Corr
      • " Brilliant colors, exquisite detail, top notch all around! Will definitely be buying again! Thanks! "Emmielou
      • " Excellent quality print paper & vibrant inks, 10/10 "Mel