Plastic Wax Factory Vol 03 17 - YADDITH

Throw Pillow

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    This numbered edition Throw Pillow, designed by William King, comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity. Made from 100% spun polyester, filled with a soft faux down insert, and closed with a concealed zipper. No matter which way you turn it, this double-sided pillow is the perfect accent to any living space.

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    About this Artwork

    YADDITH. Planet circling five suns millions of light-years away, in the same section of the sky where Deneb can be seen from Earth. Eons in the past, the Nug-Soth, tapir-snouted beings who shared both reptilian and mammalian characteristics, inhabited this world. From what little we know of them, they were scholars ruled by the Arch-Ancient Buo. These people explored the universe, not only in their "light-wave envelopes" which could take them to twenty-eight nearby galaxies, but also through controlled dreaming and time travel. Despite all their magical and scientific knowledge, the Nug-Soth were unable to stop the dholes (or bholes) from burrowing through Yaddith's core. For thousands of years, the sages of Yaddith conferred with each other and plumbed the universe for any means to put an end to this menace. All their efforts were doomed to failure. Eventually, the dholes that dwelt within Yaddith overwhelmed it, and the cities of Yaddith were destroyed. Most of its inhabitants escaped the destruction of their home, but, according to some, even then the dholes hunted them in their dreams. Some say that Yaddith was once the home of Shub-Niggurath, who dwelt beneath the planet's surface with her dhole servitors. Whether this is true or not, both the dholes and the Nug-Soth were the servitors of Shub-Niggurath, though their conflict was bitter nonetheless. The Plastic Wax Factory, purveyors of intricate and fine molten effigies. All your gods, demons, monsters and creatures of the abyss to Leech Lords of the Cthulhu mythos, witches, warlocks, and lunatic residents of asylums the world over still murmuring their arcane incantations. Plus the odd tome, sigil, place of interest and manifestations of magical mumblings amongst the cursed. All are represented here in glorious molten plastic wax, set alight and melted into puddles of primordial grotesquerie. Recommended for the mad and delirious and those fine folks from Leeds, Hull and Scarborough.

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    William King

    Scarborough, United Kingdom

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    • " EXCELLENT quality and absolutely beautiful art! "Fred
    • " Print is crisp and pillows are well stuffed, not super soft fabric, but I love them and would order again and highly recommend. They look exactly like the picture. "Kellyw
    • " Amazing quality. The colors are bright and beautiful. My pillows are strewn all over my couch and bed! Easily washable / doesnt fade. "Harpa
    • " Very pleased with the pillow. Well made and neat. Looks great. "Rhoda