Plastic Wax Factory Vol 03 29 - THE BOOK OF DZYAN

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    This numbered edition Throw Pillow, designed by William King, comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity. Made from 100% spun polyester, filled with a soft faux down insert, and closed with a concealed zipper. No matter which way you turn it, this double-sided pillow is the perfect accent to any living space.

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    About this Artwork

    Plastic Wax Factory Vol 03 29 - THE BOOK OF DZYAN THE BOOK OF DZYAN. Book of ancient wisdom which exists on a higher spiritual plane, where psychically sensitive travelers can find it. According to tradition, the Lords of Venus brought the first six chapters of this book, as well as the Senzar language, to humans. The grateful humans preserved the Book in the lost city of Shamballah. The book was later translated into Chinese and distributed widely, though only a few copies survive today. Traders discovered the oldest known written copy in a Chinese cave in 595, from which it made its way to the Wharby Museum in England. This copy was written in Chinese, Sanskrit, and characters resembling those in the G'harne and Sussex Fragments, and proved instrumental in Gordon Walmsley's deciphering of both books. Chinese and Sanskrit copies once rested in many monasteries of the East, though most of these have been destroyed or lost. Others have turned up in the van der Heyl mansion near Chorazin, New York, and the Starry Wisdom Church in Providence. In 1901, Wallace Deely supposedly translated the book from the Tsath-Yo language into English. The contents of this book remain a mystery. One section relates to the Seal of Solomon, a variant Elder Sign, and incantations that ward off evil might be found within. [The Book of Dzyan originally appeared in the works of the Theosophist Helena Blavatsky. In her book The Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky quotes it at some length, supposedly having viewed the original during a trip to Tibet. According to her account, the Book of Dzyan is the first of fifteen esoteric commentaries on the thirty-five books of Kiu-te, a likely transliteration of a term used to describe the Tibetan Buddhist corpus. According to Blavatsky, the Book of Dzyan was written on palm leaves in the Atlantean language of Senzar. Lovecraft did not encounter Blavatsky's work until the end of his life, and his main source for his descriptions of the book were the accounts of his friend E. Hoffman Price derived from later Theosophical sources. [Blavatsky stated "Dzyan" (pronounced "Djan") is derived from "Dhyan", the Sanskrit term for mystical meditation.] The Plastic Wax Factory, purveyors of intricate and fine molten effigies. All your gods, demons, monsters and creatures of the abyss to Leech Lords of the Cthulhu mythos, witches, warlocks, and lunatic residents of asylums the world over still murmuring their arcane incantations. Plus the odd tome, sigil, place of interest and manifestations of magical mumblings amongst the cursed. All are represented here in glorious molten plastic wax, set alight and melted into puddles of primordial grotesquerie. Recommended for the mad and delirious and those fine folks from Leeds, Hull and Scarborough.

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    William King

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    • " EXCELLENT quality and absolutely beautiful art! "Fred
    • " Print is crisp and pillows are well stuffed, not super soft fabric, but I love them and would order again and highly recommend. They look exactly like the picture. "Kellyw
    • " Amazing quality. The colors are bright and beautiful. My pillows are strewn all over my couch and bed! Easily washable / doesnt fade. "Harpa
    • " Very pleased with the pillow. Well made and neat. Looks great. "Rhoda