Plastic Wax Factory Vol 04 70 - LEMURIA

Throw Pillow

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    This numbered edition Throw Pillow, designed by William King, comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity. Made from 100% spun polyester, filled with a soft faux down insert, and closed with a concealed zipper. No matter which way you turn it, this double-sided pillow is the perfect accent to any living space.

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    About this Artwork

    LEMURIA. Lost continent in the Pacific Ocean. According to one (probably exaggerated) estimate, it reached from the Himalayas to Antarctica, and from Madagascar to the Pacific past Easter Island. Lemuria was at one time inhabited by a species of tentacled, human-headed beings, but these had probably died out by the time humans arrived. In Hyperborean times, barbarians already inhabited Lemuria. When glaciers rolled across Hyperborea, the Dragon Kings, or serpent people, fled to Lemuria, where they were defeated by the humans in the Thousand Year War. After this war (which occurred around half a million years ago), the humans settled in the first kingdom of Nemedis. The forces of Chaos destroyed this land, and the humans migrated to the west, where they founded the Nine Cities. The wizards of the eastern land of Nianga were corrupted by Chaos and threatened to overcome the world, until their own sorcery destroyed them. After the threat had passed, the Nine Kingdoms bickered among each other constantly until they were united by the barbarian Thongor and his Golden Empire of the Sun, which went on to conquer half the world with its flying ships. This age of prosperity would not last forever. A series of volcanic eruptions sent much of the land into the ocean, leaving only a chain of large islands. Many of the land's people fled to Atlantis, but some remained behind. By the Hyborian Age, the land's high civilizations had fallen, and it was renowned for its pirates. At the same time, however, its magical lore was regarded as powerful, and its mercenaries often became generals and kings of more civilized lands. Though it showed signs of recovery, Lemuria would never again become a world power. The remnants of Lemuria were destroyed at the beginning of the Hyborian Age in the same cataclysm that sunk Atlantis. Refugees from Lemuria fled to both K'n-yan and Shamballah, but the majority went to the Thurian continent to the west, where they were enslaved. Millennia later, they overthrew their masters and headed west, where they established the kingdoms of Stygia and Hyrkania. Some have suggested that the Sanskrit language may be a descendant of Lemuria's tongue. [Nineteenth-century evolutionists sought to explain the presence of a number of different animals, including the primates known as lemurs, in both Africa and India. They hypothesized that a land bridge had once existed between the two lands, and the zoologist Philip Sclater coined the name "Lemuria" for this area. Since then, biologists have come up with more reasonable scenarios for this situation, so Lemuria's supporters are now mainly occultists who have decided the continent was actually in the Pacific. [Most of Howard, Lovecraft, and Carter's information on Lemuria came from writings of Theosophists Madame Blavatsky and W. Scott-Elliot. They picked and chose what they took, and they omitted some of the Theosophists' more bizarre assertions - such as that the earliest humans on Lemuria were beings of spirit which reproduced by budding.] The Plastic Wax Factory, purveyors of intricate and fine molten effigies. All your gods, demons, devils, angels, monsters and fey folk, creatures of the abyss to Leech Lords of the Cthulhu mythos, witches, warlocks, and lunatic residents of asylums the world over. All are represented here in glorious molten plastic wax, set alight and melted into puddles of primordial grotesquerie. Recommended for the mad and delirious and those fine folks from Leeds, Hull and Scarborough.

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    William King

    Scarborough, United Kingdom

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    • " Very pleased with the pillow. Well made and neat. Looks great. "Rhoda
    • " Print is crisp and pillows are well stuffed, not super soft fabric, but I love them and would order again and highly recommend. They look exactly like the picture. "Kellyw
    • " Amazing quality. The colors are bright and beautiful. My pillows are strewn all over my couch and bed! Easily washable / doesnt fade. "Harpa
    • " EXCELLENT quality and absolutely beautiful art! "Fred