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      This limited edition Acrylic Glass Print, designed by The New World Thought Disorder, comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity. Printed on archival-quality photo paper mounted on the back of a 1/8" thick, clear acrylic substrate, this artwork comes ready to hang on a wire attached to a wooden frame fixed on the back.

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      About this Artwork

      What you are now witnessing is the Abstract Artwork & Psychedelic Poetry of 'A.P.' of the 'New World Thought Disorder'. If you like what you are looking at or reading, or just looked at and read then there are a range of options open to you, and products and items on offer and available for you to purchase. As such 'A.P.' is an Author, Artist, Poet, Intellectual, Scientist, Musician, Music Producer based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire in the North-East of England. He has been published across a varied and broad range of subjects and genres and in many formats including; newspapers, books, magazines, anthologies and collections, paperback, hardback, e-book, Kindle, online poetry and artwork societies, youtuube and on music download participation websites. But most of all to him you will find his artwork hanging both on the walls of our local cafe INDIEpendent from time to time but will also find them gracing the streets and alleyways of Scunthorpe town center on phone boxes, electricity boxes and fire doors; contributing his part to the local culture and scene of the town. Below you will find his public e-mail address and a selection of links to a wide variety of websites, each offering different products and items for sale which feature his individual and unique style and brand of artwork and poetry. If however you have money to spend and you would like him to consider producing an original piece of work for you. Tailored to any theme or subject, then send him a request, to his public e-mail address: If you would like to download and read for free up to fifteen of his twentyfour currently published books, from the Amazon Kindle Lending Library, and get on Kindleunlimited, then please go to: If you would like to buy professional quality poster reproduction paper prints, high quality limited edition prints, or even the one off production piece itself & original source artwork. On paper, canvas, and a wide range of specialist printed mediums; then please go to: Whether the clothes you are looking for are high fashion and made of fine fabrics. Or street standard comfortable easy wear featuring his abstract and psychedelic style of artwork, poetry and prose. Or whether its just a t-shirt with the official New World Thought Disorder street brand logo on it; the following websites will help kit you out in the style your looking for: For all kinds of accessories, from iphone cases and study supplies, to laptop bags and gadgets, all featuring the artwork and poetry of 'A.P.' and carrying the 'New World Thought Disorder' logo please go to: If however Physics & Multi-Dimensional Science & Technology takes your interest and you would like to access the research work of the 'New World Thought Disorder' for free, save the world and all that. Or would like to access a more up to date and current selection of 'A.P.'s' published paperback, hardback and electronic; artistic, poetic, intellectual and street published work, then go to: The official facebook point of contact for the 'New World Thought Disorder' for social media interaction and general access to their work for the public is listed below. This is where 'A.P.' posts a lot of his latest poetry and artwork, including many pieces which have not been exhibited or featured on the streets and art cafes of Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. The work is available for free download in JPEG image form from the Photos section of the following web page:

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      The New World Thought Disorder

      Scunthorpe, United Kingdom

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