Environmental Consideration, Deep Sea Water Bubbles

Environmental Consideration, Deep Sea Water Bubbles main illustration

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This numbered edition T-Shirt by Alicia Jones is numbered, signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Premium jersey, relaxed fit, 100% polyester, this unique all over print t-shirt has no white creases and does not fade after washing. Printed, cut and sewn in USA.

  • Numbered, signed and certified
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AChest (in/cm) 19.549,5 2050,8 20.552,1 21.554,6 23.559,7 24.562,2
BLength (in/cm) 29.574,9 30.577,5 3178,7 3281,3 3383,8 3486,4

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About this Artwork

Deep sea waters, plastic destroys our waters. Keep our earth safe. Green, blue, bubbles. Pantone 2017 color of the year. Our planet needs to be protected. This series celebrates the beautiful oceans most of which we have not yet explored. Cold winter blues

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Alicia Jones

Brooklyn, United States

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