Floral tribute to Louis McNeice

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Men's All Over T-Shirt

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This numbered edition T-Shirt by anne corr is numbered, signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Premium jersey, relaxed fit, 100% polyester, this unique all over print t-shirt has no white creases and does not fade after washing. Printed, cut and sewn in USA.

  • Numbered, signed and certified
  • Delivery in 7 to 10 business days
  • 30 days free return policy
AChest (in/cm) 19.549,5 2050,8 20.552,1 21.554,6 23.559,7 24.562,2
BLength (in/cm) 29.574,9 30.577,5 3178,7 3281,3 3383,8 3486,4

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  • Fine Art Print Fine Art Print
  • Framed Art Print Framed Art Print
  • Canvas Print Canvas Print
  • Aluminum Print Aluminum Print
  • Acrylic Glass Print Acrylic Glass Print
  • Disk Print Disk Print
  • Women's All Over T-Shirt Women's All Over T-Shirt

About this Artwork

A digital collage of altered images from 19th century illustration is my tribute to a favourite poem Louis McNeice , because I recall his work every time I see roses.

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anne corr

Notttingham, United Kingdom

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